Perfect Little Companion!

  • Stacey, a proud and happy little mamma, had a beautiful litter of puppies born Dec. 10, 2017. Ready for adoption mid-Feb.  These puppies will remain small when full-grown weighing in at around 12 to 14 lbs only.  Our puppies have amazing temperaments!  Loving the social life they are very people oriented and enjoy being in the centre of all family activity!  Inquisitive, happy; clownish; and clever!  They will easily pull at your heartstrings...  being your best friend for life!
  • Pictured below on the first block of 4 images.
  • Do call us; drop in to bond with your very own sweetheart!
  • All pictures below the first block of 4 images are photos of previous puppies -no longer available.
  • Blocks 2; 3; 4 of 9 images:  Born spring of 2016.  Five adorable siblings -4 boys; 2 girls.  
  • Block #5 and 6 of six images:  Friendly and sweet natured Sadie had 1 little boy and 2 adorable little girls born Feb. 24. 
  • These babies are sold but you may reserve a puppy from any upcoming litters. 
  • Last 2 blocks of 6 pictures:  Images of older pups at around 5 months old.  Pictures Only!
Click on each image for a larger view and more info of the puppies!