Hello Alma,

 I hope you have been keeping well.  The email 

 Just a Bexley update:

 He is doing awesome Alma.  Eating VERY well and has really grown fast - he is already in the next size blue rain coat - size 12.

 Bexley and my Hailey Bop (Coton) are fast friends.  She is really showing him the ropes.  She has been a great new Mommy for Bexley.

 Bexley is a chewing machine but has not been naughty at all for anything in the house.  Good boy!

 Bexley and Hailey Bop sleep together and, actually, do everything together.  Sometimes it is a little too much for her - ha ha.

 Bexley has been spoiled by me terribly  :0)   but all our neighbours and friends have also spoiled him and he has so o o o many toys I had to purchase another large cuddle cup to fill up.

 Jim and I are simply in love with this little guy, who is so brave and fun and full of love and kisses for everyone.  He has so many new canine friends: Crosby, Charlie and Indie but he really just loves his Hailey Bop.


Enjoy the picture,  kindest regards, Sandy