Hi Alma,

I first found out about Alma and Coton Jewels from a family friend.  She went to Alma just over 16 years ago to purchase her Coton named Molly.  And she is thriving.

In early December, I went to check out Alma's latest litter.  She brought out all of the girls and handed one of the them to me.  I instantly knew she was mine.  She had such a calm demanour and was so sweet looking.

Fast forward a couple months, Pistachio is doing amazing.  She is so smart and playful.  She has made our house a home.  I am always stopped by people asking what kind of breed she is, and we receive lots of compliments.

If anyone is looking for unique, intelligent, and loving pup, Coton de Tulears are perfect for you.


Chloe Holmeshaw

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